The Weak And The Strong

25-29 October 2023
Various venues UK
to be confirmed

24 November 2023
Madame Claude, Berlin GER

7 January 2024
Muziekcafé 41UP @ café Averechts, Utrecht NL
to be confirmed

4 February 2024, 15.00 CET
Torenlaan Theater, Zeist NL

Resonanz (e t f records 2021)
also available on any musicplatform such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and much more.

Hide and Low (e t f records 2017)

I Am Not Scared (e t f records 2015)
also available on cassette - limited edition - hand drawn!

On Air (e t f records 2013)

"Dance!" (Inner City Grit records 2010) unfortunately not available

Extended Play (Inner City Grit records 2009, e t f records 2023 - digital re-release)

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Tiny Walls of Gold (official video)

Rise (official video)

My Only Sin (official video)

Solo artist The Weak And The Strong (1999, Rotterdam NL) experiments with various sounds. Expect anything between plain songs and soundscapes. Words mainly in English, but sometimes Dutch, German or imaginary words. Driven by "the ghosts in his head" and inspired by Michael Gira, Joy Division and Velvet Underground.

During live-shows the basic, pure, raw and intense songs are performed by just a voice and a battered acoustic guitar and more recently (and depending on the occasion) the sound on stage changes due to the use of an electric guitar, effect-pedals a basic synth-drone and a drum machine.

The Weak And The Strong played many shows in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and England, including radioshows and venues: Paradiso (Amsterdam) and Bibelot (Dordrecht), but also small theaters, bars, cafes, art-exhibitions, livingrooms, and basically any sort of stage you can think of.

The Weak And The Strong supported various bands: De Kift (NL), Cradle FC (NL), Miss Anthropy (UK), jd meatyard (UK), Calvin Party (UK) and Lina Paul (GE) and, besides all this, reached the finals of bandbattles 'Grote Prijs van Zuid Holland' and 'Hou Je Kop Luisterpop'. The Weak And The Strong also performed shows together with musician Selma Peelen and poet Menno Smit: the RAU!-project (2012-early 2014). They played major summer festivals Oerol and De Parade and numerous other Dutch venues were played. Working together with Selma Peelen resulted into the band MANKES. It was their main focus for about 10 years (2013-2023) but is currently on hold.

Throughout the years various videos were released as well as (mini)albums (see above).

What others say
"Sent a shiver down my spine, intimately honest." - Miss Anthropy
"Total raw emotion being beaten out of a battered acoustic guitar." - PJ Photography
"A powerful acoustic performer. Think Tom Waits meets Michael Gira." - Mike Smith (ICG Records)
"Echoes influences from Mark Lanegan, Leonard Cohen and Johnny Cash." - Marco Polo (Avacate)

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